Destination: 26.2

My Journey to Running a Marathon and Beyond


Ignite Naturals-In Refresh

A couple weeks ago, I was approached by ignite naturals to see if I’d like to try their electrolyte drink IN Refresh. I clicked on their website to see what it was all about, and was impressed by the fact that it was 100% plant based.

I received my sample in the mail a couple days ago. I got a pack that had multiple flavors. I love that they have so many flavors to choose from! Dragonfruit Lemon Lime, Tangerine Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Kona Blend and Prickly Pear. I tried the Dragon Fruit Lemon Lime to start.


They were also nice enough to send me this cool bottle. It’s great because it squeezes easily to get out every drop!

IMAG0093Overall I was very impressed by the drink. The taste was great and it definitely helped with hydration, which is very important to me. I know that many of my vegetarian and vegan friends will appreciate the fact that it is plant based and vegan too! So I really recommend if you are looking for a good for you hydration supplement you go try out In Refresh!


Nurturing Your Body

Well we were hit with another snow day again! Ugh is all I have to say!


I’ve started out March with a big goal in mind. To listen to my body and nurture it. After my painful run on the first day of March, I reflected and thought about what will help me not only accomplish my half marathon in two weeks, but to become a stronger runner, and to create a life of healthy living.

When thinking about my running this season, I’ve realized that maybe I haven’t been taking care of my legs as I should have. I thought about the care I am giving my shins now, and how I haven’t been stretching well or icing, which could be the cause of my pain. I now want to take extra care of my legs, and I am keeping this in mind. I tried yoga for runners last night and it really helped; I could feel how tight I was. I need to make sure I stretch properly, ice when needed, and look after my legs. I can’t afford injury with my marathon training.

Another thing I want to concentrate on is clean eating. I was so good about this about 6 months ago, but I’ve slipped off somewhat. Although I still am within my calorie intake and burning calories, I haven’t necessarily been eating the best foods. Starting today I want to make more of a conscientious effort to eat clean, it will be hard at first I’m sure, but it will be worth it.

So I’ve decided, March is all about NURTURING MY BODY. How will you make the change?


Just Move On

Saturday was a busy day.  I got together with my in laws for a birthday lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant. We have been going to this sushi place since college, even when we lived far away we would drive 30 min just to eat there. It’s so awesome that we now live 5 minutes away from the restaurant! They were nice enough to sing to me and give me ice cream with a candle in it for my birthday. (I forgot to get a picture of it :()

Then I was off to Arlington to meet the running ladies for what was supposed to be our longest run for our half training. The weather was pretty nice and I was excited to get the run done before the race in two weeks. I was excited too because it was my first time back at this starting point on the path since we moved. I used to live near Liz and we would run this path daily. I was surprised to see in just 6 months they had upgraded our path and added a staircase on the hill leading down to the trail. We had plenty of dark early morning runs where we almost slipped down that hill!


We started the run and it was going pretty well. But around the 1 mile mark I got shooting pains in my shins. I stopped to stretch and tried to go on but had to stop from the pain every so often. I was so upset that I was hurting so badly. I kept trying to run, but the pain was too much. I ended up running a painful and slow 3 miles and walking 2 miles. I knew I shouldn’t push myself too much so close to the race. As I was walking back to the car all I could think about was the race, hoping that the pain will be gone in time. So instead of just stewing my whole way back, I began thinking of how to get myself better, instead of getting upset.


First I will ice every night until I feel better.


I’ll also foam roll to make sure I’m loose and not tight around the shins.

Then I’ll ease into running and do short runs this week (if the snow permits..), with hopefully the ability to run at least 6-8 this weekend. Then the week before the race, I’ll make sure to rest and keep icing and hopefully I’ll my shins will be back to normal (crossing my fingers!).

This was a great example of trying to stay positive and move on, and not get a bad run day get me down. How do you deal with bad days?

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Ready for March and Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

I love the freshness a new month brings! Don’t get me wrong, February knocked my socks off with valentines day and my birthday; but with all the snowy mess that happened this month, my running definitely fell off track. I was doing OK at the gym, but man I don’t feel like I gained a good running base!

Another reason I’m excited for March is because it means a whole new approach to training. During this time of the year, I usually run the half marathon (have ran it the last two years) and take a break from running regularly until I gear up for my next race. But now with Marathon training we will definitely have to keep it up and not lose our momentum. Tomorrow marks the longest training run this season, I’m feeling iffy about it, but want to rock it, especially because the race is so close

P.S. the race is two weeks from tomorrow…AHHH!


I’m excited about keeping up with running this month, especially with getting into marathon training after the race, but another thing I’m excited about is the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge by RuntotheFinish!


I absolutely love Amanda’s challenges. This is the third time doing one of her challenges and every time I’m more impressed. Not only does the challenge keep you motivated as you are competing with others for prizes, but there is also such a strong sense of community. I have made some long standing social media friends from these challenges. Amanda is an awesome blogger, and I love the fact that she connects so much with her followers.

If you are looking for a great community and an awesome challenge this spring to get you summer ready I really suggest joining this awesome challenge! Register now! 


Year 27

Happy Birthday to my sister!!!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I am so touched by how many people reached out to me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. So many social media friends too, I am definitely feeling the love!!

Since it was a workday it wasn’t too exciting. I was lucky to get taken out by a couple co-workers for lunch. Dinner was awesome we had melting pot. It was Chris and I’s first time there…it was awesome..yumm!


This birthday had me reflecting on my goals, thinking about what I want to accomplish in my 27th year. Some align a lot with my new year goals, but I want to reiterate them as they are important to me.

  • This year I want to become a better runner. I want to be stronger and of course run my marathon. My goal is 700 miles for the year, and I think with this goal it will help me become that stronger runner I strive to be.
  • I want to be a better wife and best friend to my husband. This year marks our 10 year (dating anniversary) and it has got me thinking a lot about our relationship. I am so lucky to have married my best friend and high school sweetheart, and I want to show him even more every day how grateful I am to have him.
  • I want to be more organized. I’ve done little things around the house here and there, but I definitely want to do more to keep the house up and stay neat all the time. I’m more organized at work than at home, and I want to transfer this organization to my home.
  • I want to get to goal weight, or at least close. I’ve been tracking my food and exercise, and I think this has really helped me. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far and I want to keep it up. I have my 55 day streak going, and I’m so proud of myself. Tracking has really helped me become more aware of what I’m eating and how much exercising helps me. I don’t let it hinder me, I do admit I have cheat days, but I have more and more healthier days. I want to concentrate on more clean eating than I have been doing, and I think tracking will  help me stay on top of this.

These are the goals that I want to accomplish this year. Do you have goals you have in mind around your birthday? How are your new years goals coming along?


Tuesday Truth..B-Day Addition

….It’s my birthday!!!!!! I’m the big 2-7!!! My friends and I were debating and settled that it’s the last year of being “mid-twenties” so I feel OK about turning another year older 🙂

bdaySince I have a mid week birthday I split my celebrating between last weekend (my girlfriend brunch) and this coming weekend celebrating with my family. Chris and I have a dinner date planned at Melting Pot tonight and I’m super excited!!

This is a time for me to reflect and I am so grateful for so many things in my life: My amazing husband, my awesome family, great friends  our house and my job! It also is a time for me to reflect on my goals that I want to accomplish. More to come on that tomorrow 😉

It definitely is a great week for birthdays! Today was a good friend of mine’s birthday and tomorrow is my sister’s birthday! We are 3 years and 1 day apart, yep that’s right! Happy Birthday shout-out to my sister!


How do you celebrate your special day?

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Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was gorgeous!! I tried to spend as much of it outside as possible. It was near 60 degrees both days. Except apparently the cold and snow is supposed to come this!

Saturday started off with 9.5 miles run/walk. Here is my mileage from the run portion. Even though we didn’t run the whole time it sure did feel like it when we were done…I was SORE. But it was good to get out there like that! 🙂


The night ended with some Pho which was delicious as always. We are trying a couple places near our house, and this one was awesome! Pho is special to Chris and I, we went to a Pho restaurant for our first date.


Sunday was a fun girls brunch for some early birthday celebrations since my birthday is mid week. It was super fun getting together with friends and just relaxing over food and drinks.

Annnnnd…I couldn’t wait to open this early birthday present (since I knew what it was already) so Chris let me open it early! I love it because it is not as bulky as my other Garmin and can also be used as a watch! Love it and so thankful for it!!

garmingWhat did you do this weekend?



Run Me Home 5K!

Me at the Finish

Me at the Finish

I am so excited to be running the Run Me Home 5K again! I was asked to run the race last year and loved it. The race helps raise awareness and funding for Loudoun County Foster Care and Adoption, as well as INOVA’s Mobile Hope Program. It is so great to be able to run for a cause and if you can, I encourage you to do so too! It makes the race feel even more special.

I wanted to bring up this post to let you know about this awesome race because not only is it for a GREAT cause, it also is a wonderfully run event. The volunteers are so helpful and the course is awesome. There are great prizes at the end as well as a wonderful finish line celebration.

If you are looking for a great local 5K, I definitely recommend this one! And if you register by February 28th, it’s only $20!


Tuesday Truth

A few weeks ago it was actually sunny and nice outside so I decided I would finally bring my bike outside for a ride. I was totally excited that I could finally get off my trainer and actually ride outside. I got on all my gear, put my camelbak on, put my tunes on and got ready to get on my bike. I needed to make a couple adjustments to the seat, but I was ready to get going. Then I got on and after 30 seconds I tried to brake. BUT one of my brakes didn’t work. I hadn’t noticed because I’d only rode on my trainer so far. I ended up falling half way off my bike. I felt like a kid that fell off a bike after learning to ride, even though my brakes were to blame. After that mishap I was truly embarrassed. I knew I couldn’t ride with one break not working, so I brought my bike in, hooked it up to the trainer and did my ride indoors.

I was VERY embarrassed especially because a neighbor saw me fall. But the moral of this Tuesday Truth is if you fall, get back up and try again. I could have just as easily just brought the bike in and been done with it out of frustration. But I hooked the bike up and got my ride in anyways. It’s easy to give up, but if you have a goal in mind, keep going, hard work pays off!

Here’s a picture of my indoor ride that day 🙂


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Catching Up-Valentines Day Addition

Instead of a weekly workout post, which would only have two updates. I wanted to play catch up instead!

The hubby had been away last weekend for 4 days and its so nice to have him back. I do miss having the car at work though. Chris usually drops me off and I have to get rides from others if I want to grab lunch.


This week was full of work work work. Even though our offices were closed Thursday due to the snow, I was still working all day from home. The change of scenery was nice, although I was a little jealous of posts from people that had the day completely off. On the other hand we were working on some exciting projects, so I didn’t mind too much. I’m really enjoying my new job it’s been a wonderful 3 months!


Us before dinner!




yummy drink





Sweet dessert

Sweet dessert

Yesterday Chris and I enjoyed a sushi dinner date out followed by watching House of Cards. We only got to one  episode because it was a late night. But man oh man episode one was shocking! Cant wait to see what the rest of the season is like! If you have Netflix I highly recommend watching it! It’s drama filled and being set in DC is fun too!

virginia bloggers

I’ve  also been beaming this week from the blogger meetup last weekend. I’ve been talking to a lot of the girls and it seems like we’ve known each other more than a week. The blogging community is awesome! If you are a fellow blogger, I highly recommend joining VA Bloggers! I have so many ideas for my blog and can’t wait to make these changes and make an even better blog!